The Marquette Iron Range

About the Range

  • The Marquette Iron Range was the first range in which iron ore was discovered (1844-1845). (45)
  • As stated above, traces of iron were discover in 1844 and only a year later production began at the Jackson Mine in Neguanee. (46)
  • The Civil War greatly increased the need for iron produced from the Marquette Range. One place we can see this is by looking at the output of iron before, and after the war. (47)
    • 1861: 120,000 tons of iron
    • 1868: output reached half a million tons
    • 1873: output exceeded one million tons

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This chart displays the amount of ore and pig iron shipped out of Marquette from 1855 and 1864 (48)

IMG_2259 IMG_2198
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The above chart shows the relative amounts of ore produced for the Marquette and Menominee Ranges in 1880 (49)

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