The Menominee Iron Range

About the Range

  • The Menominee Iron Range was the second of the three iron ranges to be developed in the Upper Peninsula. (50)
  • This range spans across the southwestern parts of the Upper Peninsula and reaches down into northern Wisconsin in some areas.
  • William A. Burt believed there were signs of iron in the Menominee range. In 1849 and 1851, J. W. Foster and J. D. Whitney confirmed traces of iron near Lake Antoine and Crystal Falls respectively. (51)
  • In the Eastern Menominee Range, iron was discovered in 1845 and production began in 1877. (52)
  • In the Western Menominee Range (Iron River/Crystal Falls area), iron was discovered in 1851 and production began in 1882. (53)
  • In 1878, there were five operational mines in the Menominee Range that were shipping iron. (54)
    • Breen Mine
    • Cyclops Mine
    • Norway Mine
    • Quinnesec Mine
    • Vulcan Mine
  • By 1882 the Menominee Iron Range was shipping over one million tons of iron. (55)